September 17, 2013

Brian Michael Bendis Slaps Down Dudebro Griping About Women in Comics

Women like comics. It's not that hard to understand but an astounding number of fans, creators, and publishing companies are clueless. Either with their promotion strategies, ads (like this fake geek girl one), or content - more than a few people in powerful positions just don't get it. However, some do. In fact some companies understand and make an awesome decision like an X-Men title that focuses on the women of the group.

While it's not all ladies all the time, the issues I've read (just the first few) have showcased the strengths of the characters I love. But not everyone is happy. Check out this question posed to Brian Michael Bendis on Tumblr and be sure to read his scathing response:

I understand trying to make comics female friendly, but aren't you guys worried that you're going to lose your core audience which is male? In the X-books you've had more focus on the likes on these females like jean and kitty while it should be Cyclops who has been the star of the X-Men comics for years. What warrants these characters more page time than him? Jean and kitty are secondary characters. You guys listen too much to women bitching. They cause so much freakin drama in comicdom.
Wow.  you are the first person who I am kind of glad asked your question anonymously because I don’t want to know you.  
 as a reader of my work I want you to listen to me very carefully: you have major major issues. almost every line of your question reeks of complete misunderstanding of yourself as a man and of women in general.
 it’s okay to find yourself more interested in something than others, of course it is,  it’s okay to like Cyclops more than Jean Grey, but for you to draw the line at women characters not being interesting to you because you are a man or that you think I am being manipulated by some bitching women is really out there.
 and as a reader of the X-Men whose entire philosophy is about tolerance and understanding… you are missing the point.

Slow clap, Bendis, slow clap.


  1. Three cheers for Bendis!

    Maybe I take it so personally because the X-Men have always been my favorite superheroes, but it annoys me that so many "fans" just really don't get the message these comics have been trying to spread for the past five *decades* or so. I'm always stunned when X-Men fans display misogyny, racism, or homophobia, because you just have to wonder why they even like these stories so much. Like, "Rawr, these evil womenz are ruining my enjoyment of this poignant storyline where the mutant-haters finally learn to let go of their anger towards those who are different." I feel like instructing guys like that to look up and wave at the point as it soars over their head.

    And WTF about JEAN being a secondary character?! She has been putting the more rambunctious X-bros in their place since the first few pages of the first issue. Secondary character my fangirly behind. /rant

    1. So much head shaking happening over here.


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