September 11, 2013

Favorite Costumes of Dragon Con and Baltimore Comic-Con

You'll find cosplay at every convention. Sure, the number of people in costume varies and the types of costumes differ, but they are always there. And where there are cosplayers, there are people taking photos. I spent most of my time at both Dragon Con and Baltimore Comic-Con wandering around and taking it all in rather than spending every second behind my iPhone taking pictures or tweeting. I couldn't get a signal at Dragon Con and even if it was weird to not be digitally attached to the world, it forced me to experience life as it happened. It was a nice change.

But, one of the negatives results of that is that I didn't take anywhere near the number of photos I normally would. I still managed to have enough to round up six favorites from both conventions though. 
Itty bitty Firestar at BCC, she was sassy and awesome

Steampunk Disney group at the Mechanical Masquerade at DC (yes, I need to stop using my iPhone as a camera all the time)

This Batwoman at BCC is getting married, take that DC
Ms. Marvel at DC (yes, I'm a sucker for kids in costumes)

Brienne of Tarth at DC, photo by skiesofchaos (he wanted me to have a better than iPhone picture)

Yes, the ladies ruled this round.


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