September 19, 2013

Find the Entire Alphabet In Each One of These Geeky Drawings

When I walked around Baltimore Comic-Con a couple of weekends ago, I came across several new-to-me artists and crafters and creators whose work made me stop and take a second look. Bradd Parton of Alpha-Sketch is one of said artists. I spotted some Star Wars art on his table and that was enough to pull me in. Then I noticed something unusual - there were letters of the alphabet hidden in the art. Cool! Typography art is fun! But, that wasn't all.

Each drawing has all 26 letters of the alphabet! Parton explains in his Etsy shop, "Every line you see in the drawing is a letter of the alphabet! Each letter is used once and only once."
Gah, it's so clever. See for yourself

As you can see from the pictures, his illustrations run the geeky gamut. There's Batman, My Little Pony, Star Wars, and Legend of Zelda and you'll find even more in his shop - like The Walking Dead and Doctor Who and The Muppets. Trying to figure out how Parton designs the images is just as fun as searching for the letters. His prints would make great gifts for anyone who likes puzzles

Visit Alpha-Sketch on Etsy!


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