September 26, 2013

Geeky Burns

Wood burning is one of those skills I will always admire. Using a super hot tool to create art? It can't be easy and it comes with a constant risk of burning yourself. I wouldn't have the patience for it and I'm impressed by anyone who invests the time needed to learn. Etsy seller Geek Burning seems to have the hang of it though, and their shop is stuffed with cool offerings. I spotted them at Baltimore Comic-Con and had to hunt them down online to see more.

The shading in this Batman piece is a good example of how detailed and beautiful their work is:

I love the colors on this Cloud City etching!

Maul looks even sexier in wood (I know, I have a problem).

This art would make wonderful presents for others or for yourself. It's a great way to break up a wall full of framed paintings and add some texture. And if you don't see your favorite character or series in the shop, you can request a custom design.

Check out more beautiful pieces over on Etsy!


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