September 26, 2013

Irvin Kershner Riding a Tauntaun And Other Awesome Star Wars photos

No matter how many Star Wars books I've flipped through, I'm always coming across new-to-me behind the scenes photos. They seem to come from a never-ending fountain that bubbles with memories from the galaxy far, far away. Archives are wonderful like that. I can't think of a treasure chest I'd like to explore more. I hope the making of the new sequel trilogy is documented to the very last detail so that 30 years from now we'll still be seeing images we haven't seen before.

I spotted a huge batch of photos from the sets of the original trilogy recently on Twitter, and they brightened my day. I bet they'll have the same effect on you.

This pic of Irvin Kershner astride a tauntaun is the definition of delightful:

 And I find all of these photos from The Empire Strikes Back to be completely charming.

Pics via Will McCrabb; follow him on Twitter for tons of behind the scenes photos from a variety of movies.


  1. I love the picture of Ford and Fisher!<3

  2. That last picture with Bob Anderson is heartwarming. The world of film misses you, Bob.

  3. That last picture is a shot of Mark Hamill and David Prowse.


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