September 16, 2013

It's Almost Time For Keen Halloween!

If you've been to any major store recently, you probably noticed Halloween is almost here. Of course, some stores have had Halloween decorations out since July, but now it's really almost here. Just a month and a half away! And if you're near the Phoenix area, you can attend a convention all about getting into the Halloween spirit. No, it's not a horror fest, it's much better. It's Keen Halloween!

The two day show happening on September 28-29 is all about getting back to the roots of Halloween. Instead of bloody gory commercial business, it's all crafts and costume parties and workshops and a Monster Marketplace. The focus is on handmade fun, and it makes me wish I was in the neighborhood so I could attend. Founders Daniel and Dawna Davis of Steamcrow state the following in the press release:

We want to promote the Halloween from our childhood - with handmade decorations, costumes and art, gathering together with friends, and enjoying spooky entertainment and music,” said Daniel. “We couldn’t find an event like this, so we created it. It’s a chance for us to gather together spooky-inspired talent - artists, crafters, teachers and entertainers - who have a love for vintage Halloween.”
Costuming is, of course, a large part of the event. Keen Halloween works to provide a walk-up “Evil Genius” Costume Bar where costuming experts offer troubleshooting advice, tricks and inspiration to bring spooky ideas to life. They will also feature the Iron Skull Costume Challenge, where three teams will have 90-minutes to each create a costume live on stage, from a mystery box of common, household items. “The catch is they won’t know the theme of the costume until they step on stage,” notes Daniel.
So in other words, if you want Halloween flavored fun and you're in the area, you need to check it out. Seriously - please go and tell me all about it.

Keen  Halloween is in its second year and it's even expanded from a one day show in 2012. That's a good sign. If you want to check it out, it will be at the Sano Fitness Studio at Mentro Center Mall:
9617 N Metro Parkway West #2004
Phoenix, AZ

I recommend pre-ordering your tickets to save some cash!

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