September 11, 2013

Quick rambling round-up

Just some links to stuff I've written a couple of other places recently:

Wonder Woman: Tale As Old As Time - It's Wonder Woman month at Blastoff Comics, and I dived into stories about the Amazon with George Perez's Gods and Mortals. I loved it and had a few things to say.

Fully Operational Fandom: Star Wars at Dragon Con 2013 - One of the coolest parts of Dragon Con was the fan run panels and Star Wars was no exception - plus there were tons of costumes! Read about all the awesome stuff I saw at the blog.

Finally, here's a quick interview with me:
Interview with Amy Ratcliffe of Geek With Curves
And me on a podcast discussing my undying love Tombstone:
Movies You Love Podcast [Episode #13 - Tombstone w/ Amy Ratcliffe]

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