September 9, 2013

R2-D2 Makes An Appearance In Star Trek Into Darkness

R2-D2 is a popular droid - he shows up in places you don't expect. The astromech is in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Super 8, Transformers 2, and even in Star Trek. In Star Trek Into Darkness, R2-D2  whizzes by around the 1:17 mark. The movie hits Blu-ray/DVDs tomorrow, so if you pick it up, don't forget to pause and look for an old friend. It's during a battle, and I don't want to spoil it by specifically mentioning the ship names so just look for this:
Click to enlarge
Salute to @rafaeloca for spotting it!

It's only natural I guess given that he also appeared in the 2009 Star Trek. I'd expect to see Artoo in the next Trek film.
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via io9

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