September 27, 2013

Star Wars Reads Day

The second annual Star Wars Reads Day is just around the corner on October 5th! It's a celebration of literacy and Star Wars - in other words, a perfect combination. Publishers who release Star Wars books partner with Lucasfilm to schedule events and signings across the country. You can read one of the many novels in the Expanded Universe, pick up a comic from Dark Horse, enjoy some non-fiction "making of" books, or thumb wrestle with lightsabers. I'd say there's a Star Wars book or comic for just about every fan.

Be sure to look over the locations for the official events and see if anything is happening in your area. Gatherings are taking place at book stores and tons of public libraries. Some locations have author signings, and you can bet the 501st and Rebel Legions will make appearances at some of the events too. You also might find raffles, giveaways, activities, and more!

If you can't make it out or there's not any events happening in your immediate area, you can still celebrate. Here are a few suggestions:

- Have a read-a-thon with your favorite Star Wars books and comics.

- Get a Star Wars Reads t-shirt from sponsor WeLoveFine.

- Download an activities kit from the official site and craft, color, or bake - there are Star Wars books featuring each of those activities!

- Donate Star Wars books (or other books) to charities like Kids Need to Read

- Look around your neighborhood for opportunities to read to children (practice your best Yoda voice).

Learn more about the event from Star Wars authors in the following video:


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