September 12, 2013

TARDIS jewelry box is so pretty it doesn't need to be bigger on the inside

I recently moved and as a reward for getting my 20+ boxes of books and all my toys and cats across the country, I decided to treat myself to a grown up jewelry box. It's not like I own anything fancy, but it was all stored in a messy pile that I had to separate every day to find the right earrings or ring. I didn't want to be too much of an adult though so I compromised and got a gorgeous handmade TARDIS jewelry box:

Even though there is a retail version available now, I searched on Etsy first to see if I could find the perfect one. Etsy seller Belmourida Design had one. It's made from wood and carved and painted, and it's a tiny piece of art. Even though it is not bigger on the inside, it has four drawers and enough room for all my rings and earrings (I keep my necklaces and bracelets on hooks). The craftsmanship is exquisite, and it was worth every penny.

As an extra bonus, I keep it on my nightstand and the LED light on the top serves as a nice nightlight.

She also has a variety of other TARDIS themed items like a notebook and earrings in her shop, and it all looks lovely. Check them all out on Etsy!


  1. I love that it also lights up! Adorable.

  2. This is great!
    If I can figure out to copy it, I'm gonna surprise my granddaughter with a dresser made like this. She will love it!

    1. That sounds like a wonderful idea!


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