October 10, 2013

Everyday Cosplay Options Make Dressing Up for Halloween Easier Than Ever

It's October and that means pumpkin flavored everything and Halloween. If you haven't figured out what to wear for the holiday, you need to decide soon - it's just three weeks away! Whether you need to choose attire for a party or just need a suitable costume to wear to the office for the day, the rise of everyday cosplay has made it more simple than ever to look good and to be comfortable.

Everyday cosplay came onto the scene in a big way in the last five or so years. Though fans have been practicing it for a while, companies didn't catch on until more recently. And now? The options are dazzling. You can dress like a superhero without donning spandex. You can emulate a Stormtrooper without making or ordering armor or buying an unimpressive cloth version from the local Halloween shop. It's like magic.

Here are some of my favorite everyday cosplay options this year:

Her Universe
Tights and black boots go with any of these dresses, but you can add any props you have for the finishing touch. For the Star Trek tunic, add a phaser. For the Dalek, make a headband that looks like Dalek "ears" and carry around a whisk. You get the idea.

If you're going for a superhero or Adventure Time look, you can stop the search at WeLoveFine. Pair the tunic tanks with solid colored tights from American Apparel or Black Milk to complete the look. Just keep in mind WeLoveFine prints their products as they're ordered so shipping takes just a touch longer.

Superhero Stuff
Costume t-shirts with capes for crying out loud. Again, pair with tights and tall boots to complete the look. You can even add a mask (get plain white ones from your local craft store and paint them to match). And for the men, they have tons of costume hoodies!

I've made too many last minute trips to the local mega-Halloween shop, spent hours wandering the aisles and going through slutty versions of characters or objects that shouldn't be slutty (seriously - there's a sexy pizza costume), and then ended up dropping too much money on an outfit that was barely tolerable. Getting one of the above tunics or dresses is a much more pleasing and affordable option.

Happy shopping!


  1. Replies
    1. It's ridiculously cute and would look so good with a leather jacket!

  2. If only I were skinny enough to pull these off lol!, Love the dalek :D

    1. I've seen girls of all shapes in the Her Universe dresses.


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