October 31, 2013

Five Favorite Supernatural Episodes

Happy Halloween, everybody!
In honor of the holiday, I'd like to discuss one of my favorite spooky fandoms: Supernatural! In fact, it's one of my only scary fandoms because I'm a wimp. When I watched the first season of Supernatural, I didn't think I'd be able to handle it. It was very much monster-of-the-week back then and I would hide behind a blanket or my hands nearly every episode. Even though it's evolved over time into more than moments that make you jump out of your skin (those still happen!) I don't watch it alone when it's dark - just in case.

As the show's gone on, there have been more than a few moments when I've wondered if it should stop before it's too late. I want it to go out on a high note instead of lingering past its prime - way too many series do that these days (cough How I Met Your Mother cough). They're still hanging in, but I want nothing less than a well-written and played ending for Dean and Sam. They deserve it.

Anyway, I keep getting pulled back in because the writing and acting and characters and all of it just keeps delivering. Sure, it stutters sometimes, but we're in a better place in season nine than I thought we possibly could be. So, I want to walk down Winchester memory lane and share my five favorite episodes. These aren't in any particular order. Oh, and beware spoilers through season six.

Two Minutes to Midnight, season 5
When I saw this episode for the first time, I just remember being completely enchanted by the conversation between Dean and Death. It was smart, wonderfully acted, and just a great intimate scene in the midst of the world being on the brink of destruction. Just such a creative way to set up the encounter and I dug the unexpected move of Death basically handing over the ring (with a price, of course).

Weekend at Bobby's, season 6
This is the only post-season 5 episode to make it on my list because well, Bobby. Jim Beaver has made the character so damn lovable over the years. He becomes attached to your heart in a different way than the Winchesters or Castiel or anyone else on the series. Seeing a few days from the perspective of the gruff and intelligent Bobby made me ecstatic. And just because I have to say it: balls.

It's a Terrible Life, season 4
Ah, Smith and Wesson. On the surface, it's an amusing episode where Dean becomes a preppy salesman and Sam sits in a tech support cubicle. They do all sorts of out of character things and it's funny. But it's more. Even though Zachariah is trying to show them a normal apple-pie life, they find their way back to hunting and to their destiny. The episode's got a lot going for it and Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are hilarious.

Devil's Trap, season 1
This one gets included just for the emotional punch to the gut that happens in the last few seconds. The Winchesters are reunited, you get a Creedence Clearwater Song, and bam. Right in the face. Also, this episode marks the first appearance of Bobby Singer. Win.

Swan Song, season 5
Finally an episode centering on an important member of the Winchester family: the Impala. And it's not ridiculous (which it really should be given the premise). Now, it's not all about the car but I appreciate them touching on how it's a character of its own. The bigger arc of the episode is the fight between Lucifer and Michael, and I can't think of anything I would have changed except to just stop the series there.

Almost on the list: Hammer of the Gods, season 5. Can you tell I enjoyed season five? In fact, I recall liking every single episode. I love many of them. It's rare to come across a season of any TV series where you don't find clunkers, but I don't remember encountering any in season five. I'm happy we still have our Winchesters but man, season 5 would have been a perfect place to end. Perfect.

Do you watch Supernatural? What are your favorite episodes, quotes, or moments?


  1. Do you know, I completely agree with your Season 5 comments and it would've made so much sense on so many levels, because it was the culmination of all the series up to the end and it was the last of Eric Kripke's showrunning.

    Thing is, after watching each season until 6, I always kept wondering how they were going to top themselves with each following year, with the long game and all the connections with all the arcs, etc. but they did and kept doing it. Season 5 was their finest year. So much so that I had to take a break from catching up because I thought 'how could I go on from that? Oh yeah...Find out what happened with him...XD'.

    I feel Season 6 brought the level down a bit, but then again, I don't think they tried to top Season 5 (with good reason), but at least we got interesting insights into the after effects of 5's finale (plus, I really love Balthazar! :P) and since then they've been building it back up again...Especially with the Leviathans and the evolution/changes to Castiel's character (whoa).

    Very glad you listed Two Minutes to Midnight first (and I agree with your brief on it), because, whilst my favourite episodes are some of the more humourous ones (like Bad Day at Black Rock & Mystery Spot), one of my favourite moments in Supernatural has to be Death's S5 entrance...The pale 'steed', Jen Titus' rendition of 'O Death', the slo-motion, the 'Brush with Death'; it works on so many character levels (predestined his manner at the dinner scene) and film-making levels. And of course it is the smoothest, suavest entrance for a character ever!


    1. Death's entrance was pretty amazing.

      And I agree with you. Season six wasn't my favorite; I wish they would have left Sam without his soul longer - such an interesting take. But, I dug the Leviathan stuff and Castiel has come a long way in the past few season. I like that Misha Collins gets a chance to stretch his skills; he's good!

    2. ^^ I love how Misha's peformed so many versions of Cas (includind his vessel Jimmy)...All so different from each other; just down to Collins' skill. Best examples were in S4 when we met Jimmy (brilliantly touching episode) and then S7 when Cas returns (and then the sequence when he starts to remember who he is was just awesome).

      And that's just Misha's *acting*! He's a great man. ^^


  2. Nice list. Unfortunately, I haven't watched the show much since around season Six. I was already off and on with the show since the beginning. That episode revolving around Bobby was pretty funny.


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