October 9, 2013

Hasbro's new Mara Jade figure is... interesting

Hasbro's new Black Series, for the most part, has included some pretty fantastic packaging and sculpts. I've been especially tempted by the 6" series (the Darth Maul is sooo good) but have hesitated because of lack of space. The Black Series also includes 3 3/4" figures though, and they'll be releasing a Mara Jade one. She was voted fan favorite in 2011 and is one of the most loved characters in the EU. Other than the fact that she is again pictured in the dreaded catsuit, the details in the face sculpt leave something to be desired. Just look at the hair! And the eyebrows!

And closer:
No. No. No. The hair has a very '80s vibe that makes it almost look like a wig. Then the coloring. Wow. It's borderline neon - especially the eyebrows. It's just... I'm surprised it got through multiple levels of approval. The folks over at Yakface have done some experiments though and realized that swapping out the head for some Black Widow options is an improvement:

What do you think of the new figure?

Yakface via Club Jade


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