October 28, 2013

October Loot Crate Unboxing - The Theme is Survival

It's that time of the month again - Loot Crate unboxing time! The theme for the month is Survival. Yep, the box was packed with all kinds of zombie goodness. I act like a little kid when I open the boxes which means I fly through the items first and then have to go back to closely examine what I received. The big items were a book and a t-shirt:

What zombie pack would be complete without The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks?

Zombie bite temporary tattoo, zombie hunter ID, 8-bit zombie buttons, Creepy Candy, I Love Your Guts from Open Me

The Ewoking Dead tee from GraphicLab

Ewoks like blueberry eyes

The retail value for just the book and the t-shirt is almost $27. Add in the buttons, candy, and card and you're near $35 - and you get it all for less than $20.

Loot Crate is just $13.37/month plus shipping and handling! Sign up now and use the code gwcloot to get $3 off your subscription. It's a blast to get a mystery gift box each month, and if anything doesn't happen to be in your realm of interest, you can save it for gifts.

Note: Loot Crate box was provided free of charge for review purposes.


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