October 25, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Mentions a Sarlacc

As I was watching ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland last night, I heard a familiar word. It distracted me so much I barely paid attention for the rest of the episode. Sarlacc! As in that sarlacc. The Red Queen was flipping through what I can only presume is their version of the Book of Monsters trying to find a beast to torture Alice with and she mentions the creature from Return of the Jedi: "The sarlacc. This will digest her over a millennia."


As mentioned, she was pointing at illustrations in a book and this is the sarlacc page:
Click to enlarge
So somehow a sarlacc got from Tatooine to Wonderland - or the other way around. It also could be accessible via a portal to Tatooine.

Though we did hear the Star Wars theme as a ring tone in season two of Once Upon a Time, I believe this is the first occurrence that cements the connection and shows the world of Star Wars - or at least the creatures in it - is available to the fairy tale world. I don't know how to feel about this.

The entire screen:
Click for full size


  1. With all the princesses showing up in once upon a time, could it be that Leia might show up before too long? After all it is a Disney show and Disney owns Lucasfilm now. Interesting......

    1. I wouldn't be surprised to see her after this...

  2. In the picture of the sarlacc , definitely a dewback.

  3. In the picture of the sarlacc , definitely a dewback.

  4. That's funny I didn't notice the Dewback so much as I noticed what to me looked like the spire of Jabba's palace in the picture as well.


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