October 1, 2013

Rambling Round Up – Wonder Woman and Once Upon a Time

Wonder Woman, Once Upon a Time, and a birthday bash! It seems like a fine time to share a couple things I've written for other sites as well as a podcast I was recently on.
Wonder Woman Gets a Dad – September at Blastoff Comics meant Wonder Woman month, and I explored the New 52 version of the heroine and was extremely disappointed to read about her new origin story. Extremely.

Once Upon a Time: “Heart of theTruest Believer” Review – Once Upon a Time is back and in its third season. I give my thoughts on the return to the fairy tale world for IGN, and I found a lot to appreciate in the new installment. Especially Rumplestiltskin.

Finally, September 22 was Ashley Eckstein's birthday (voice of Ahsoka, founder of Her Universe) and she invited the Year of the Fangirl contributors to join her for a live birthday bash on Rebel Force Radio. Matt Lanter called in to surprise her and several fangirls such as myself and Tricia Barr participated in the fun. Download and enjoy!

I'll have more Once reviews coming your way, and I'm happy to announce I'll also be reviewing Supernatural for IGN. Huzzah!

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