October 28, 2013

So, GeekGirlCon was amazing

Just over a week ago I was in the Washington State Convention Center celebrating GeekGirlCon. It was pretty much heaven. I have never been to a more organized, low-stress, and fun convention. That's the surface level. Beyond that, most every panel felt like it was written just for me and every vendor felt like it was chosen for me. GeekGirlCon offered a comfortable space for all of its attendees, and the attitudes and general moods of others reflected that feeling. I never felt like I had to be on guard, and it was beautiful and so damn relaxing.

GeekGirlCon, you are my favorite.

Though this was the convention's third year, it was my first time going. Friends had told me about its amazing-ness and I'd been dying to go, but this was the first year free of scheduling conflicts. I agreed to be on two panels (Geek Girl Style and Star Wars: More Than a Boys' Franchise) and even if I didn't know what specifically to expect, I knew I was in for a treat. I was right.
The exhibit hall wasn't huge, but darn near every table had something I wanted to purchase (where is my endless pile of money?). Jewelry, comics, stuffed cats, fun t-shirts, nerdy dresses, art, and D20 underwear - actually, there was more than option available in the category of D20 underwear. I went with bedazzled ones from The Geeky Hostess. Downstairs from the exhibit hall, there was an artists' alley. It was quite a bit smaller definitely an area I'd like to see expand in future years.

Especially impressive to me were the panels offered. The schedule was packed. I've never seen a panel schedule that made me want to spend the entire convention in panel rooms, but this one did. Topics included how to wear a wig (I so wish I would have made it to that one), geeky home decorating, deconstructing the Mary Sue myth, real girls in comics, the psychology of cosplay, and on and on. Fabulous discussions about casual and serious subjects happened throughout the weekend, and it was refreshing.
I want GGC to grow (to a certain point) and be successful but at the same time, the fact that it was small and manageable was so appealing. I spend most of the time leading up to conventions stressed because I know I'll be spread thin and always missing someone or something during the weekend. Once I'm at the convention it gets better, but I still worry because there's just too much. Not at GGC. There is more than plenty to do, but the size meant I could get to a panel 10 minutes before it started. It wasn't a battle to get out of the exhibit hall. Getting from point A to point B wasn't an obstacle course filled with thousands of jam-packed con-goers. It was effortless, and I loved every minute of it.

Next year, GeekGirlCon is the same weekend as New York Comic Con (October 11-12). It's not even a decision for me. I'll see you in Seattle.


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