October 30, 2013

Take Back Halloween

Last week I had to point out some of the crazy "sexy" costumes available for purchase. The list includes sexy pizza and a sexy Nemo - as in the clownfish Nemo. Yep, I'm still shaking my head.. After that, it only seemed right to point out a site encouraging the polar opposite of those costumes: Take Back Halloween.
Some readers pointed it out to me, but I first read about the site a week or so ago on Epbot (I highly recommend that blog if you're not already reading it). It's all about creating costumes based on real women. Scientists, artists, explorers, queens - they've got it all. They don't sell anything, they just offer resource guides and they are absolutely wonderful. For example, how about dressing like Jane Austen or Athena or Baba Yaga? These are just a few selections from costumes on their site. They provide reference photos (and digitial illustrations of the costume in most cases) and a complete list of necessary components for the costume. The thorough breakdown offers suggestions on where to get each item and provides links to purchase them online. Yeah, it's fabulous.

It gets better and easier, too. None of the costumes they post require sewing. They are built around everyday items you may already have in your closet or pieces that are available for purchase.

As they state, it's not the sexy insert-object-here costume is horrible - if it's your thing, that's totally fine - it's just nice and fair to have other options. No, putting together a Frida Kahlo costume is not as easy as going to the Halloween pop-up shop and picking up a bag off the shelf but I think the end result is worth the additional efforts. I applaud them for providing such an informative site (they happen to be running a Kickstarter right now to fund adding more costumes).

And yes, they have a last minute ideas section. Sure, Halloween is tomorrow and that doesn't leave much time but if you gather supplies tonight and stay up a little late... it could work out. Good luck if you're scrambling! Actually, I'm curious - what are you plans for costumes this year?


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