October 17, 2013

Where I'll Be at GeekGirlCon

GeekGirlCon is taking place in Seattle in just a couple of days, and I hope to see several of you there! It's my first time attending, but I've heard nothing but positive things. I'll be wandering the floor, and I'm speaking on a couple of panels.

On Saturday at 11am in Room 301, I'll be on the Geek Girl Style: Demanding Recognition in the Fashion World panel along with Elizabeth Giorgi, Jed Seigle, Jon Kay, Kaitlin Stewart, and moderator Lisa Granshaw.

On Sunday at 3pm in Rooms 301/302 I'll be on the Star Wars: More Than A Boys' Franchise panel along with Linda Hansen Raj, Lisa Granshaw, Meg Humphrey, and moderator Tricia Barr.

Both panels should provide some interesting discussions. If they don't sound like your thing, check out the full programming schedule for all the options. This really seems like a convention where I could sit in panel rooms all day.


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