November 27, 2013

Geeky deals for Black Friday

I can't imagine what kind of deal it would take to get me out of the house and into a mall on Black Friday, but I do enjoy browsing deals online. If you plan on sitting in front of your computer and knocking out some Christmas shopping for yourself or others on the big retail day, I have a few suggestions for geeky deals you may want to check out.

Her Universe - Stock up on Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, and more geeky apparel! If you spend over $50, you get free shipping and all orders come with a limited edition holiday pin. As an added bonus, all Syfy apparel (read: awesome Battlestar Galactica designs) is currently 40% off.

Geek Covers - Is your phone bare and boring and unprotected? If you've been searching for covers with a nerdy bent, this Etsy shop has you, uh, covered. They have several designs for different phone models, and everything's 50% off on Black Friday weekend. Just use the code turkeyday13.

Damsel in this Dress - Need a kick-ass corset, dress, or blouse? Then you seriously need to take advantage of Damsel in this Dress' Black Friday sale. The company makes solid and sexy corsets and skirts, and you can really score. This is a popular sale so you have to act fast when items are listed. Check out all the details on the sale before Friday morning.

Black Milk Clothing - Get ready because Black Milk is offering a 30% discount! It's actually a Cyber Monday deal, but you'll need to prepare and plan early. Remember, the times listed are on the Australian clock. This is another hot ticket so check out the list of items that will be on sale Friday evening (again, Australian time) on Black Milk's Facebook page.

Etsy - As most of you probably already know, Etsy is magical. Now, people who make things by hand can't mark items way down like mass retailers, but you can find some deals. My link above links to a "black Friday" search in the Geekery category. Who knows what you'll find? Be sure to look at turnaround time if you order from Etsy. Many shops have made to order items, and you want to be careful if you're shopping for the holiday.

Amazon - I know, from independent crafters to super corporate, but Amazon has insane deals. You can browse great savings in movies (like the entire Harry Potter collection on Blu-ray for $47.99), video games, books, comic trades, tech - you get the idea. Amazon's variety of items lets me take care of several people on my list and with my Prime account, I can get free shipping (you should sign up for a Prime trial just for the holidays and cancel it in January).

Happy shopping! Feel free to suggest more Black Friday deals.


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