November 21, 2013

Her Universe Has New Items and Free Shipping For Black Friday

Black Friday wasn't something I paid attention to until I realized online shops offered deals, too. I can get bargains while drinking coffee and remain in pajamas. It's a no brainer. Sometimes I have to get up early to take advantage of deals, but I can make a few sleepy clicks and roll right back into bed. Done and done. I always check out Her Universe's offerings for the day of crazy retail-ness, and I'm not disappointed this year. Besides tons of new offerings, you can get the fourth annual Her Universe holiday pin free with any order while supplies last and if you spend more than $50, shipping is free. Honestly, I'd place an order just to get the cute pin. PLUS! Did I mention new items?!

The Star Wars and Doctor Who offerings:

These items will be available on Friday, November 28th, at Her Universe!

Even though I love adding new Star Wars apparel to my wardrobe, I have to say that out of this release, I'm most excited about the TARDIS cardigan. I love to layer sweaters over tees and tanks and hope to see more geeky sweaters available in the future!

Are you putting any of these items on your wishlist?


  1. OHMIGOSH that T.A.R.D.I.S. cardigan is amazing! I must have that. I'm glad to see that the free shipping lasts through Monday, because I'm going to be without Internet over Thanksgiving :-P

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