November 12, 2013

I just want to live in an animated movie, is that so much to ask?

As much as I enjoy new animation styles as seen in movies like Tangled, I miss the old days. The level of gorgeous in the opening scenes of the countryside in Beauty and the Beast is enough to take your breath away and make your knees go weak. Nothing looks quite like those hand-painted backgrounds, and it's easy to lose track of them while you watch the characters' journeys. There are so many scenes I could get lost in - I would kill for a book filled with only backgrounds from Disney's animated film library. Until such a book exists, I'll rely on the internet. These are some scenes I could happily live in:

The Beast's library is a given - endless books, a fireplace, chairs - I'd never leave. I'd just drag my tauntaun sleeping bag in and have the talking utensils serve me meals. Bonus: the library is big enough for walks and has stairs so I could easily work some exercising in.
I'd also be more than happy to live here, just outside Belle's poor provincial town.

The forest from Sleeping Beauty looks like an enchanting place to explore, build a cottage, and/or talk to animals and meet princes. I love the muted colors of the trees - it makes it seem more magical.

Prince Eric has an impressive castle, but I'm particularly impressed with the kitchen. It looks roomy and well-stocked, and I could gladly spend many afternoons here not cooking Sebastian (the scene where the chef wrecked the kitchen makes me cringe).

Just about anywhere in Hunchback of Notre Dame seems like a fine place to hang my hat. Even in the bell tower.

Atlantis features a cozy library I'd happily take if I can't have the Beast's grand room. Basically, I just need to live in a library beside a forest and I'm a happy girl.

The source of all of these backgrounds except the library is Animation Backgrounds by Rob Richards. It's no longer updated, but there's a huge archive of digitally restored scenes from tons of animated movies - not just Disney ones either. Restoring the images seems like an intense process, and I'm grateful for the work Richards has done. It's easy to lose hours browsing the posts.

Can you recommend any sites like Animation Backgrounds?


  1. The opening sequence of Beauty and the Beast is my favourite opening sequence ever (beautiful desing and music). And visuals on Sleeping Beauty and Hunchback are amazing. I'm feeling I'm going to spend more time than reasonable in that website you linked…

  2. I'm obviously late here, but a book of Disney backgrounds totally exists:

    1. I didn't know about that book, thank you!

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