November 27, 2013

Television series to marathon during the long weekend

Thanksgiving is almost here and after the day of giving thanks and spending time with family and eating all the things, many of you have a long weekend ahead. The four day weekend offers many hours, and I always intend to spend many of them being lazy. It's the perfect occasion to dive into Netflix and check out a new series - especially if you live somewhere cold and snowy and don't fancy going outdoors. Binge-watching television shows is satisfying to me. So, in case you are one of the lucky ones who gets to spend some hard-earned quality time on your couch,  I have some recommendations for you based on how much time you have to spare this holiday season.

I chose these based on whether you could watch the entire show as available on Netflix. So, even though you could start season one of a series like Battlestar Galactica or Supernatural, I didn't include it here because it would be a challenge to watch every season of those in one weekend. (I won't judge if you're up for taking that challenge).

10 hours/600 minutes or less
Firefly, complete series, approx. 9.8 hours - If you haven't seen the 14 episodes of the western set in space, well, there's no time like the present. It's one of those seasons of television that's more or less perfect.

Adventure Time, season 1, approx. 9.5 hours - Only one season of this wacky cartoon is available on Netflix, and it's just enough to get you hooked. All you need to know before going in is that you shouldn't expect the series to make sense. Just go along with the ride.

The IT Crowd, seasons 1-4, approx. 9.2 hours - It took me a few episodes to get into this British comedy about Jen, Moss, and Roy working in the IT department Reynholm Industries. Stick with it, give it a chance, and you'll be laughing out loud in no time.

Sherlock, seasons 1-2, approx. 8.8 hours - Watching Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes is just about as good as it gets. Martin Freeman is a spot on Watson, and the production design is gorgeous.

16 hours/960 minutes
Continuum, seasons 1-2, approx. 16 hours - I haven't personally watched this series yet, but I've heard so many good things about the sci-fi, time-traveling, sort of cop series from people I trust that it's on my list.

Arrow, season 1, approx. 16 hours - I'd argue this is the best superhero television series of all time, and it all starts here. It does take a bit to find its feet, but once it does - holy cow. You're in for a treat. Great action, a million DC Comics Easter eggs, intriguing characters, romance. Yeah, this series has it all. Season two is currently airing and it keeps getting better.

Alphas, seasons 1-2, approx. 16.8 hours - It's more complicated than this, but it's basically a Syfy series about mutants like the X-Men. Yep, awesome.

20-24 hours/1,200-1,440 minutes
Being Human, seasons 1-2, approx. 18.6 hours - The US version of the series about a ghost, a werewolf, and vampire is different and in my opinion, better. They only share some similar plot points in season one but the US one goes in alternate directions after that. The acting's solid, the jokes are fun, and the main trio is just fantastic together on screen.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, seasons 1-3, approx. 23.8 hours - The newest incarnation of My Little Pony is nothing but heartwarming goodness. They work in a lot of pop culture references, adult humor (but still safe for kids), and a lot of lessons that make it a great show for adults and children.

Torchwood, seasons 1-3, approx 24.2 hours - If you've watched Doctor Who, you'll probably recognize Captain Jack Harkness. John Barrowman is so memorable in the role. Torchwood follows his adventures with UNIT, and you don't need to have ANY Who experience to watch and enjoy it.

Batman: The Brave and Bold, seasons 1-2, approx. 19 hours - Batman in some wonderful cartoon action. I don't need to say more.

What did I miss? Share your recommendations or let me know what you'll be watching over the weekend! I'll be finishing up The Vampire Diaries.


  1. Breaking Bad, Battlestar Galactica (both renditions), Firefly, and Doctor Who (though you won't be able to finish that one), Walking Dead, old classic Marvel cartoons, Arrested Development, 30 Rock, The Office.


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