November 5, 2013

The Best John Barrowman Underwear Moments

John Barrowman does conventions right. He interacts with fans on a different level than other celebrities, and he always seems genuinely happy to be out among the public. Sure, you argue, he gets paid to do that. Well, so do a lot of other actors and actresses and I've seen a fair number of them who look bored out of their minds to be signing autographs. Most of them are nice and engaging, but I still think Barrowman is in a class of his own.

I've come to learn that when you hear stories about the wacky pictures Barrowman has taken or the funny things he's done at panels that it's usually all true. That includes him showing off whatever underwear he's currently wearing. Yeah, we all win.

To make everyone's day better, I've compiled some of my favorite Barrowman underwear moments. Since he happily and gleefully puts it all out there, I don't feel guilty about appreciating these images.

The Spider-Man boxer briefs (with bonus Captain America ones from his husband Scott):

Batman with a conveniently placed "Whak:"
Superman and Batman (Scott is such a sport):
Iron Man:
He has to have the brightest underwear drawer of them all. One of these days, I will see a pair of them in person. Hey, it's good to have goals.

And to completely change gears, Barrowman isn't wonderful only because of his choice in briefs. Just look at this picture:
If you have any John Barrowman stories, please share them!


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