December 4, 2013

Awesome new leggings company: Gold Bubble Clothing

Though it's taken me a while to come around to leggings, I've become an addict. I still have a hard time deciding what to pair them with since I only wear longer shirts with them, but they are so comfortable! And now we have even more to choose from: Gold Bubble Clothing just opened their online doors last Friday and they have some beautiful designs for leggings, body dresses, and flowing tops.

Here's a sampling of their standard collection - it includes some basic prints and gorgeous artwork by Camilla d'Errico and Alphonse Mucha. They are striking to say the least:
Camilla d'Errico leggings

Alphonse Mucha poncho style top

Gorgeous turqoise stripes leggings
And that's not all! They have a specialty section with geek inspired styles. These items are only available until December 6th:
10th Element leggings

Sherlock wallpaper dress

Corellian bloodstripe leggings
More specialty items will be released again in January and will only be available for a week. It's like the t-shirt of the day concept except more upscale. I like it!

The price point for the leggings and dresses is closer to Black Milk Clothing than say Hot Topic or WeLoveFine, but that also means thicker material. I've experimented with a few brands of leggings and so far have found that you get what you pay for.

h/t Set to Stunning


  1. These look amazing. I also like the fact they are made in the U.S.A so i don't have to wait or worry about customs any more!

    1. It definitely makes things easier!

  2. I love the Sherlock wallpaper dress!

    1. They have matching leggings, too!


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