December 23, 2013

DIY Miniature Hoth Diorama (Tauntaun in a jar!)

It's winter and that makes me think of tauntauns and Hoth more than I usually do. With those things on my mind, I searched eBay for a miniature tauntaun and made this little, tiny diorama with Luke and his ride pre-wampa attack. I've already decided I'm leaving it out year-round.

I made it following the same techniques I used for my TARDIS in the snow but with just a few changes:

- Instead of a pint jar, I used an empty salt/pepper shaker and sealed the holes in the lid with a thin layer of hot glue (alternatively, you could carefully lower the toy into the shaker while it's upright)
- Before I added the Diamond Dust glitter, I smeared some Mod Podge on the inside of the glass at random places to give it that frosty look. I also added a little silver glitter into the snow mix. When you shake it around the glass, it sticks to the Mod Podge. Just like magic.
- The tauntaun is from the Miniatures Universe line and came on a wide plastic base. I trimmed the base down with scissors (it was easy to cut) so the tauntaun would fit in the jar.

I really want to make a wampa one with bloodstained snow and everything.

Happy Hothidays!


  1. This is incredible, I can't wait to litter my house with Hoth jars!

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