December 18, 2013

DIY R2-D2 Wreath

Though I like my Nightmare Before Christmas wreath, I wanted to hang something new for Christmas. It couldn't be just any wreath, it needed to have a geeky touch. For reasons. After seeing a friend's awesome R2-D2 themed tree, I figured I could apply the same sort of theming to a white wreath and tada - R2-D2 wreath!

Just like the TARDIS diorama, the most troublesome part about this wreath was dealing with the glittery ribbon and embellishments I got to go with the wreath. It took a little time as well since I work slowly. You'll need the following items:
R2-D2 figure you don't mind sacrificing for crafting (read: not a vintage Kenner figure)
White wreath
Additional white garland to fill out the wreath (optional, mine just looked sparse and I wanted to bulk it up)
Blue and silver ribbon for the wreath
Red ribbon for the bow - I used a matte red and a glittery one
Embellishments in R2-D2 colors - I went to the local craft store to look through the bins for silver and blue items, remember you can pick them apart into smaller pieces. You can enlarge the supplies picture above to see the sort of stuff I gathered; there are leaves, sparkly ball things, and some ornaments
Red embellishment for R2-D2's sensor
Hot glue gun, glue sticks
Wire cutters or scissors

There's a lot of room to add your own touches with the specific decorations on the wreath since you may not be able to find exact duplicates of what I used.

I started by weaving portions of the extra white garland around the wreath frame to give it more weight:
Much better. Next I took thin silver ribbon and wove it loosely around the wreath starting at the bottom. There was no rhyme or reason to the pattern, I just wanted to add a touch of silver. I connected the ends with a knot and hot glued it to the wire wreath frame.
Then I repeated that process with the wider (and really freaking glittery) blue ribbon:
Now it's time to add the embellishments. It's probably not a bad idea to sketch where they'll go, but that didn't occur to me until after I started gluing items on. I've found that it's best to split up the giant sprigs of leaves and balls and whatever into individual pieces. You can add more subtle touches this way. I had a few bunches of blue and silver balls and split them into individual strands and then twisted three of them together.
I wrapped the tiny bunches on the wire frame at a few points around the wreath and hot glued my wraps to secure them. Go slowly so you don't weigh the wreath down with too much stuff. I ended up adding a few silver leaves and a couple of blue leaves and then I pulled the decorative glittery ornament things off the stems and used hot glue to attach them to the garland at various points around the wreath. Finally, I added a bunch of red ornaments on the upper right corner of the wreath to represent R2-D2's sensor.
The finished wreath portion (we still need to add a bow and R2-D2) - you can almost hear it beep and boop!
The final piece is making the bow for the bottom and attaching R2-D2! I don't know a proper way to make a bow, so I just make up for it by using lots of hot glue. I tied a plain, straightforward bow from red matte ribbon and inserted a piece of leftover wire from the wreath decorations through the back. I hot glued the middle knot of the bow so it wouldn't come untied while I added the glittery red ribbon. The glittery ribbon wasn't very flexible so I made loops and glued them inside the matte ribbon loops. I repeated this on both sides on top and bottom and also cut lengths of the glittery ribbon to match the tails and glued on some shiny silver curling ribbon.

Next I slathered hot glue on the back of R2-D2 (I call it the Mustafar experience) and attached him to the center of the bow. Voila:
Finally, use the wire you attached to the back of the ribbon to carefully place the bow on the wreath. I just tightly wrapped both ends of the wire to the wreath frame and didn't hot glue them just in case I changed my mind about placement. I love the result.
When I upgrade this wreath I plan to figure out how to make R2-D2 beep and boop when visitors approach the house. Also, I need to make a C-3PO wreath next year.


  1. Wow! I love it! I also checked out your Nightmare Before Christmas wreath; also amazing! Nicely done!

  2. Found your site through Epbot's FB page - how have I been missing this?? Will probably spend the rest of the day lurking through your old posts. You have posted some incredible stuff here!

  3. I’m sooo in love with is wreath!!! Very detailed tutorial!! I would love it if you would submit this post to our blog! We feature great tutorials and link back to you to read the full post!! Have a great weekend!

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