December 3, 2013

Favorite Music from Doctor Who

Ever since hearing the memorable music Bear McCreary created for Battlestar Galactica, I started paying more attention to television show scores. Though he remains my favorite TV composer, he's far from the only one with skills. Murray Gold's work on Doctor Who comes to mind. He's created distinctive themes for each of the Doctors in the modern series, and there are a few pieces in particular I listen to on repeat.

"With Love, Vincent" - This piece from Vincent and the Doctor captures the heartbreaking essence of the episode. Maybe it makes me teary-eyed - every freaking time. Worth it though.

"This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home" - This striking piece plays a few times in series three. I mostly remember it from The Last of the Timelords, and after seeing The Day of the Doctor, it's even more meaningful.

"Doomsday" - I'm the first to admit I'm not a fan of Rose Tyler. Even less a fan of her relationship with the 10th Doctor. That said, Doomsday still made me cry - I'm not heartless. This piece of music conveys the extreme FEELINGs of the moment they said farewell.

"I Am the Doctor" - In a contrast to the other tracks I've listed so far, "I Am the Doctor" is just fun. It's upbeat and peppy, and the ideal music to accompany the arrival of the 11th Doctor in The Eleventh Hour.

"The Rueful Fate of Donna Noble" - Donna Noble's fate broke my heart. This remembrance in The Stolen Earth couldn't be more perfect.

"Doctor Who Theme, 2005-2007" - Though the theme of Doctor Who is just over 50 years old, it's been tweaked over the years. I adore this iteration.

You can find all of the above tracks on iTunes and most of them are on Spotify. Playing them while you clean or work or anything - it will make the activity feel more epic.

Feel free to share your favorites!


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