December 13, 2013

Geeky Gift Ideas

Christmas is close, but you've still got 12 days. That's plenty of time to run to retail stores, order online, and get everything you need for the people on your shopping list. If you're stumped on what to get the geek in your life, I have some suggestions that might help get you on the right track.

Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess candle! And she's wearing a sweater! Sold! More exclamation points! This is a great idea for the adult Adventure Time fan in your life. While we're on the subject of Adventure Time, the trade paperbacks and graphic novels from Boom! Studios are just awesome.
The  Doctor Who Christmas specials make a great gift idea for the holidays. BBC has last year's special, The Snowmen, with a set of five ornaments for $19.99. Get just one or make it a bundle by buying more Who Christmas specials or adding toys. Gifts with themes make me happy.

You can't go wrong if you shop for the fangirl in your life at Her Universe. Skirts, jewelry, leggings, hoodies, t-shirts - it's all top quality and the shop has plenty of fun designs. I'd be happy if every Christmas present I got was from Her Universe.

If you really want to treat someone, get them a fancy maquette from Gentle Giant, Ltd or Sideshow. This Holiday Special Boba Fett is droolworthy and though it won't ship until Q2, I bet the recipient is okay with waiting.

Valar Morghulis. Giving a loved one a coin that says "All men must die" might not seem like the nicest sentiment, but a Game of Thrones fan will flip right out over the Iron Coin of the Faceless Man. The makers of the coins, Shire Post, also make tons of other Game of Thrones coins and Wheel of Time.

Who isn't a sucker for carefully crafted prop replicas? Etsy seller deMiguel Replicas has a few and this replica of Thror's Map blows me away. You'll find similar gems in his shop that will make movie and fantasy buffs pleased.

We all know a Disney fan or several, and Hot Topic has so many apparel and accessory options for Disney that it's not funny. It's dangerous for wallets. You can find Peter Pan tanks, Disney princess stuff, and more.
Art is a wonderful gift. Acme Archives Direct has licensed options across the board including Disney, Star Wars, Halo, and the gorgeous Indiana Jones print pictured above. If you know someone who says they're out of wall space, get them a print and a nice portfolio - that specific brand of portfolio holds half of my art collection.

If you know someone who LOVES Star Wars, give him or her a unique gift with a membership to Rancho Obi-Wan. You'd be helping support a non-profit museum that showcases Steve Sansweet's hundreds of thousands of Star Wars collectibles. Trust me, it's special and any fan would love to be a small part of it.

If you're purchasing any of these items online, be sure to check the shipping schedule to make sure the package has enough time to arrive. Though I think it's acceptable to give adults a "it will be here soon, I promise" note, I know it's not ideal.

Feel free to make additional recommendations!


  1. I really just want all of Her Universe and Hot Topic for Christmas. lol

  2. If you're looking for great geek gifts, I make high quality dice bags. :) You can find my Etsy at - I've currently got a queue of orders, but also have a "Ready to ship" section in my shop specifically for dice bags that are in stock and immediately ready to mail.


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