December 24, 2013

Star Wars and the Holidays

I didn't grow up with Star Wars. I didn't see the films until I was in my teens, and when I was little, the toys under the tree were My Little Ponies and She-Ra characters and Lite Brites. So, while I can't reach back into my childhood memories and remember getting Star Wars toys on Christmas morning, that's okay - I only have to think five years or so back. I got to experience child-like joy as an adult. I know it's not exactly the same because as a grown-up, I love to open packages and put things together but I don't sit on the floor and make Darth Vader and Luke have father and son heart to hearts - which I totally would have done as a kid.

Still, I'm glad to have the experience of opening Star Wars presents and getting excited about them at all. No, Christmas isn't about the presents or material items, but the fun of putting together Star Wars LEGO sets or unboxing Micro Machine playsets creates strong memories of time spent with loved ones. Beyond receiving gifts, Star Wars just goes with the holidays for me. I watch the movies, make crafts like R2-D2 wreaths, and pose my action figures to make Christmas cards:

This year was extra special to me because I spoke with fellow fans about how they incorporate Star Wars into their holiday traditions for the official blog. There are lots of warm fuzzies including a kid who was convinced Life Day was real and memories from singer Darren Hayes about Star Wars and Christmas. I think it will bring a smile to your face. Read the article here.

And for a touch of extra fun, I recommend giving this Star Wars-y version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" a listen:

You can also head to YouTube and listen to the Star Wars holiday album, Christmas in the Stars, which is lovely, or search for the Star Wars Holiday Special, which is pretty much unbearable but can be entertaining if you have booze on hand.

Whatever you do for the holidays, I hope you have a wonderful time with your celebrations.


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