January 28, 2014

Her Universe has the perfect Valentine's Day gift for Star Wars fans

If you and your significant other celebrate Valentine's Day, you may struggle with finding the right gifts for each other. Well, if you have a lady fan of Star Wars on your list, Her Universe has helped you out by releasing one of the coolest pieces of jewelry in their collection so far: The "I Love You, I Know" necklace.

The necklace features the Rebel Alliance logo split in half with one of the memorable quotes on each side of the necklace. The chains included are two different lengths to help with sizing. One person can wear both sides, or it can be split and given to a loved one.

You can also bundle the necklace with a beautiful t-shirt design by artist Cat Staggs. The tee was pulled out of the vault (Her Universe used to sell it) for the occasion. It has lovely art, and it's one of the softest Her Universe shirts I own.

Order from Her Universe soon to make sure you get your gifts in plenty of time for Valentine's Day!


  1. Thank you!
    Was looking for something geeky for my wife this year.
    This is perfect!

    1. Oh, excellent! I'm glad it was helpful. :)

  2. OMG you simply uncovered to me that there is gap in my life of Luke/Mara stuff that I had no clue I required.Anyway I doubtlessly do.Does it exist? *goes off on a search*

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