January 22, 2014

The Screens You Need To Create the Perfect Home Cinema

If you like science fiction or fantasy movies, having a fancy screen to watch your favorite films on is a must. I've recently upgraded from a 32 inch or so television to over 60 inch, and I'm blown away by the difference. I didn't know Star Wars could look so pretty. I had the experience again when I sat down to watch Pacific Rim in a friend's home theater. He has a solid sound system and a giant projector screen, and the combination (with comfy chairs of course) made for a night of movie-watching heaven.

It was definitely one of those things I couldn't appreciate until I experienced it in person. And now? I'm having dreams about a home cinema of my own one day. If you're also daydreaming about a better movie-watching experience, you can buy projector screens here and find everything you need to build an impressive theater.

Giant mechs and monsters were meant to be watched on the biggest possible screen, and if you can add a 3D projector to the mix, even better. I can't imagine what Lord of the Rings and Disney movies on Blu-ray would look like on the screen. Until I can get my own home theater set up with a projector and all the shiny accessories, I'll probably be making several visits to my friend's house for selfish reasons. But, hey, I'll always bring the popcorn.


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