February 11, 2014

Her Universe Is Having a Super Sale on All Syfy Merch, Including BSG!

Have you been drooling over Her Universe's collection of Battlestar Galactica and other Syfy apparel? Then it's time to get over to the site and buy one of everything because Syfy items are seriously marked down. Like, over 70% off. You can purchase t-shirts for just $5 and hoodies/sweatshirts for $14-$17. Quantities are limited so make sure to grab anything you want fast before it's gone.

A selecion of the items available:

The tank and tees? $5/each. The sweatshirt? $14. Guys, these prices are insanely low. Go and treat yourself to awesome BSG and Warehouse 13 apparel now while supplies last!


  1. Awesome stuff. Especially the Kara Thrace tattoo.

    1. Right? I have that tee and it looks great with a blazer!


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