February 11, 2014

Ideas for Making Your Own Geeky Valentine's Day Cards (yes, you still have time)

Valentine's Day may be just a few days away, but you still have time to make something awesome! And it is so not necessary to spend tons of money. I'd rather have a thoughtful card over any gift, and handmade cards are the best. You can get as elaborate as you wish, or you can craft cards from just a few supplies. Making cards only takes a little bit of time, too! Win.

I have a suggestion, and I've rounded up ideas from others to inspire you!

Comic Book Hearts
To make these Valentine's Cards for friends I used: old comic books and a Marvel Previews catalog, a pack of $1 glitter cut-out hearts I picked up at the craft store, and Mod Podge. The hardest part of this craft was finding the right panels in the comics. 

The glitter heart pack came with different sizes, so I used a smaller heart to trace the pattern on to the comics. I pasted the comic hearts down with Mod Podge and after they dried, I wrote my message on the back. You could do this with construction paper, too! Personalized, easy, and done.

Follow the link to learn how to make cute, geeky, and practical Valentine's Day cards from justJENN. They're great for kids and adults.

Like 8-bit and pixels and have patience for paper crafts? Then head over to minieco to get templates and instructions to make these charming pop-up Valentine's cards.

Know some images from fandom that would make the perfect Valentine? You can use Photoshop (or a free program like Gimp) to make some magic, and How-To Geek gives you all the tips and tricks in their Valentine's Day card tutorial.

Have you made your own cards? Share links in the comments!


  1. I would need to find a Valentine first.

    1. All of the ones in my first picture are for friends! You can also make 'em for family or even a local children's hospital. Love for everyone. :)

    2. True.I actually contemplated making some for my second graders, but I have so little time to make forty-one valentines.


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