February 17, 2014

Leonard Nimoy and Return of the Jedi

Nickelodeon had a cool show back in the '80s called Standby: Lights, Camera, Action! The educational series showed viewers what movie-making was like and focused on happenings behind the camera. The venerable Leonard Nimoy hosted the series, and in 1983, one of the episodes focused on Return of the Jedi. The below clip features a cool documentary on the film that shows off the building of Jabba's sail barge and the assembly of some of the aliens - especially the Gamorrean Guards.
Bonus: includes Phil Tippett.

h/t The Star Wars Trilogy


  1. I often marvel at the creatures and ships that can be created through CGI. At the same time, I miss the make-up and work done be effects artists on costumes and in transforming people into creatures from other worlds.

    Makes me want to watch my old VHS letterbox editions of the original trilogy...or the original Clash of the Titans...or 7th Voyage of Sinbad...

    1. I wish there was a series like this airing on TV now.


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