February 27, 2014

Make Your Own Epic Star Wars Sweater

Remember this fantastically tacky-but-so-awesome-it-overrides-the-tackiness?

A friend of Redditor imnojezus used needle felting on top of an existing sweater to create the memorable scene from The Empire Strikes Back in wearable form. The internet flipped out over the design because, well obviously. I put making a replica of the sweater on my one day eventually list, but I haven't got around to it yet. But, Instructables user thmbskr has already figured out some basics!

The part I was most concerned about was finding a sweater that's a close match. The design of the one used just screams Hoth and frames Luke and the wampa nicely. Guess what? It's available on eBay! Just search for icicle sweater or snowflake sweater and you'll get a few good matches!

This design is $17.99:

If you know how to needle felt, perfect! If not, you can make the characters from felt and they still look great. Check out this example from thmbskr:

Who else is feeling inspired?


  1. I was inspired. http://m.imgur.com/account/somewhere44/images/B1UBdwi

    1. Oh rats, the link doesn't work for me.

    2. Sorry. I probably messed it up. Does this one work?

    3. That looks fantastic! I love the additions - especially the tauntaun!

    4. Thank you so much for posting the "how to" on your blog. I wouldn't have known where to begin. : )

  2. Here was the first one I tried. http://m.imgur.com/gallery/VkEWWNH

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