February 13, 2014

Send Your Valentine's Day Wishes With Veronica Mars Cards

As I was browsing through funny pop culture-inspired Valentine's Day cards yesterday, it hit me that there should be Veronica Mars-themed ones. I'm obsessed with the series since I've just been watching it for the first time (I know, I was apparently living under a rock when it aired). I recently reached the end of season two, and I can't wait to binge on the third season before the movie's release date. The characters, the relationships, the stories - I have FEELINGS.

Anyway! Valentine's Day and Veronica Mars! When you can't find what you're looking for on the internet, it's time to make it. Thusly, I created 12 silly cards that are perfect for emailing to your fellow Marshmallows. Just click the images to enlarge.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

All images owned by Warner Bros. Cards are for personal use only, not for profit, blah blah blah. Download as you wish, and if you repost them, please credit Amy Ratcliffe and link back here.

h/t HTG for the Photoshop tutorial


  1. Love your Valentine's! Sad that the Fan Event for the upcoming movie in our area sold out before we could get tickets this morning, but your Valentine's made me smile! So excited that we actually are bringing VM back...in movie form!

    1. Yay, glad they brought you some cheer! :)


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