February 21, 2014

Star Wars Rebels Fan Art

The main characters of Star Wars Rebels may have only been officially introduced in the last couple of weeks, but you can't stop the Star Wars fandom from being awesome. Fan art depicting characters from the new series has been popping up on Twitter, Tumblr, name-a-social-media site over the past few days. In some cases, the fan art was created just from seeing pictures of packaging at Toy Fair. Man, I love Star Wars fans.

Here's some great pieces I've seen posted:
drawn based on packaging images and a character card, by Jen

Kanan, by @DDeMeerLeer
Chopper, by David Alonso Lara
Kanan, Hera, and Chopper by David Alonso Lara
Sabine, by Skira Reed Art
Kanan and Ezra, by Kasey Quevedo
If you've created Star Wars Rebels fan art, share links to your work in the comments!


  1. Here is one I'm working on


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