February 7, 2014

Star Wars-Themed Valentine's Goodies

Valentine's Day. Love it or hate it, it's hard to escape from the holiday. Though I don't personally celebrate the occasion with big plans, I do like to scour the pink and red sections in department stores. Each year I see more and more Star Wars-themed items available, and I want to grab them all. Especially the heart-shaped tins! They're great for storing small things like extra action figure accessories or pins, and you get candy. I call that a win.

I recently made my annual tour of the Valentine's aisles at Target and Walmart and was surprised by how many Star Wars themed items I found. I snapped a bunch of photos in case any of you feel like doing some shopping before the 14th. I'm considering waiting until the day after the holiday to see what ends up on clearance. 

Behold a sampling of the selections:

Valentine cards, candy, tins, mailboxes, lightsaber pops, so many choices! If that's not enough for you, keep an eye out for A Very Vader Valentine's Day. The cute-looking book has pull out Valentine cards, jokes, comics, and more. It appears to be sold out at Amazon, but some people have reported seeing them in grocery and big box stores.

Stay tuned for some Valentine-themed geek crafts next week!


  1. Oh my gosh! In love with Star Wars goodies! :)

  2. If I had a valentine, I would consider these as part of a gift.

    1. That's because you have good taste.


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