February 20, 2014

Support the Force for the Cure Team In the Fight Against Breast Cancer

The Los Angeles Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is happening in less than two weeks at Dodger Stadium. Participants in the 5k Walk/Run are raising funds that go towards breast cancer screenings, treatment, research, and more. Many of us have been affected by breast cancer, either directly or indirectly, and every little bit of money raised helps. One team participating in the Race for the Cure is showing their support with Star Wars.

The Force for the Cure group has at least a few members in the 501st and Rebel Legions and the Mandalorian Mercs. These costuming groups do a lot to raise funds for charities around the world. One member of the team, TK6682, has even created pink Stormtrooper armor for the occasion:

Yes, it is spectacular. If you'd like to donate to the cause - specifically through the Force for the Cure team -  you can do so over at the Race for the Cure site. If any of you are also participating, keep an eye out for the pink trooper.


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