February 19, 2014

This Photo Looks Like It's Right Out of Blade Runner

Blade Runner. The film is a classic. It's packed with complex themes, memorable characters, and the production design is nothing short of stunning. The future as portrayed in Blade Runner wasn't pristine and shiny; it was layered with grunge and character. To me, the visual aspects took the film head and shoulders above most science fiction. I have feelings about it - can you tell?

Dark Stars Photography must have feelings too, because look at this stunning photo he created:

The model is wearing a beautiful dress by Avant-Afi, and she looks just enough like Rachael that it makes me uncomfortable. Seeing this picture makes me want to work on the Rick Deckard cosplay I've been considering (I've already dressed like Han Solo and Indiana Jones, it would be fun to make another costume based on a Harrison Ford character).

h/t Super Punch

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