March 20, 2014

Buy a candle, get a frame of film

Candles are nice, and film frames are cool, so imagine putting them together! That's just what a group of projectionists are doing with Actual Film Votive. They've rescued real 35mm film cells from dumpsters and preserved them in a unique way: by attaching them to the side of a frosted votive holder.

When you burn a candle inside the votive, it illuminates the cell. It's a neat piece of film history and at $12, the votives are also affordable! Check out some of their Star Wars options:

To be on the safe side, I'd recommend only burning tealights or even flameless candles to ensure the heat isn't too much for the cell to handle.

Check out more options in the Actual Film Votive Etsy shop!


    I can think of a million people I could give these to (after I get some for myself!) Thanks!

  2. I would have snapped some of these up for gifts, but the shipping is ridiculous:(


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