March 6, 2014

DIY: Photobomb Bookmark

I didn't watch the Oscars, but I didn't need to be tuned in to hear about the Benedict Cumberbatch photobomb that will go down in history:
Not only did he sneak in behind U2, he went with the best possible pose. The image has spread across the internet, and you'll find jazz-hands-Cumberbatch appearing in all sorts of photos. Because, of course. Tumblr user The Unicorn Saver even had the genius idea of turning the Cumberbomb into a bookmark:

How delightful would it be to have Cumberbatch looking that excited about whatever you're reading? Someone saw what The Unicorn Saver made and posted this template:
found here
I can't find the source for who made the template, but you only have to take a few more steps to turn the fantastic image into a finished bookmark. You can apply these steps to photos you print or ones you cut out from magazines. You'll need the following supplies:

Template of the Cumberbomb
Bristol board, card stock, or foam core
Mod Podge or paper glue (maybe even a glue stick)
Foam brush (if you use Mod Podge)
X-acto knife

Cut out the Cumberbatch template on the inside of the line (I did some cleaning up after the above photo). Trace the outline of the bookmark onto thicker material such as Bristol board, card stock, or foam core. Anything heavier than plain printer paper will work and is necessary to keep your Cumberbatch bookmark from getting wrecked. Cut the bookmark shape out of the heavier material with scissors or your X-acto knife.

Put the paper Cumberbatch over the heavier stock to make sure everything lines up. Once you're sure it does, brush a thin layer of Mod Podge or apply glue (glue worked better for me) to the top of the heavier stock. Carefully place paper Cumberbatch on top and smooth out any wrinkles. Then just let him dry completely before you stick him in a book.

Alternatively, you could just print the image on card stock and cut it out, no glue required!

That's it! Make a Cumberbomb bookmark or apply this to any other fun images you see online, in magazines, or in comics. 

h/t to The Unicorn Saver for coming up with the bookmark idea


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