March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day! Have some geeky pies!

It's March 14th, and that means it's time celebrate the number Pi! 3.14159265359... is a splendid irrational number, and it gives everyone an excuse to make or eat pie. Math + dessert = fun for everyone. You can celebrate Pi Day in many ways, like entering to win a Pi necklace, and the most obvious way is with a delicious, flaky crust and the filling of your preference. I've rounded up some spectacularly geeky pies to get you in the mood.

Supernatural pie by @MsJG.

Pi pies on a stick by justJENN recipes.

Millennium Falcon pie by me - instructions here.

Deadpool pie by Shrykeman.

D20 pecan pie by turkey tek.

Apple pi (yes, the apples are cut into the numbers of pi) by Shannon.

Mini pies with the numbers of pi by Brooklyn Brownie.

Happy Pi Day!
How will you be celebrating?


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