March 18, 2014

Her Universe Hosting Fashion Show at SDCC and a Design Contest

Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe has been changing the landscape of geek girl fashion over the last few years. The company began with a simple purpose: to create a community for fangirls and to make sci-fi genre clothing that was made to fit ladies. They've definitely succeeded on both fronts. It's been a delight over the years to wear t-shirts made for women and to watch the company's offerings increase - I barely have to turn to the boys' section at department stores any more!

Her Universe has been growing beyond t-shirts for the past couple of years and really making a footprint in the geek chic arena. Everyday cosplay dresses, leggings, and jewelry have become part of the line-up, and now they're venturing into geek couture.

Ashley showcasing Darth Vader couture

Ashley is bringing Fashion Week to San Diego Comic-Con with a full scale geek couture fashion show. It's the first of its kind, and I can't wait to see what sort of styles appear on the runway. The looks will even be partially determined by fans. Along with the announcement of the fashion show, Her Universe revealed that they're also hosting a design competition. Fans can submit geek couture outfits (not costumes) until April 4th and winners can showcase their fashions on stage as part of the show. It's so fancy!

Need some geek couture examples? Check out these illustrations shared by Her Universe:
Captain Kirk


I would happily wear any of those dresses to a fancy dinner party. Learn more about the fashion show and the contest over at Her Universe.

And speaking of the splashes that Ashley has made, Blastr recently included her in their list of "11 trailblazing ladies who dominate sci-fi and fantasy." She's listed alongside fantastic women like Felicia Day and Gale Anne Hurd, and it's absolutely deserved. Ashley has really leveraged Her Universe to show the industry that women are fans and that they spend money; she's amplified our voices. For that, this fangirl is grateful.


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