March 19, 2014

Star Wars is on Captain America's List

Steve Rogers spent a lot of years under ice. He truly is a man out of time. Though Rogers stays pretty busy saving the day as Captain America, he tries to catch up on everything he missed during his Capsicle period in his spare time. When people recommend anything that he missed out on experiencing, Cap makes a note in a small book. And of course, Star Wars is on the list:

According to Comic Book, the journal is shown in the first few minutes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The footage has been previewed in advance of the film's premiere (it's 3/26 for some of the world and 4/4 for the United States). They explain:
Steve Rogers (Captain America) meets Sam Wilson, who suggests he listen to a Marvin Gaye album, to help get him caught up with the decades he lost while frozen in the ice between World War II and the start of Marvel’s The Avengers.
It's a small touch, but I love that Marvel included it in the film, and that we get to see how Cap is trying to become accustomed to living in modern times. Since Star Wars appeared to be crossed off the list, I'm dying to know what he thinks about it.

h/t Jedi News


  1. Also, I could be wrong, but it looks like the whole entry is "Star Wars / Trek" :D
    Makes this Trekkie pretty happy!

    1. Other pictures have surfaced and it is Wars / Trek! :)

  2. That is pretty cool. I wonder what Cap thought of "Disco"?


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