March 15, 2014

Stuff I wrote this week

Here's some stuff I wrote around the interwebs this week:

The Top 10 Veronica Mars Episodes - The new Veronica Mars movie is out; prepare by checking out my list of top ten episodes for IGN.

Jim Zub On Marvel and Disney’s Upcoming FIGMENT Comic - Marvel and Disney have announced their next book in the Disney Kingdoms series and it's all about Figment! I interviewed writer Jim Zub for Nerdist about what we can expect in the comic.

Five Ways to Use a Flashlight in Cosplay - Have an extra plastic flashlight around your house? Then you have a costume accessory. Go to Adafruit to see my suggestions on using this everyday object in cosplay.

Fully Operational Fandom: Join SWAT, Read Star Wars Books, and Get Awesome Rewards - Want to get free Star Wars books and prizes? All you have to do is join Del Rey's Star Wars Action Team and complete rewards!


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