March 1, 2014

Stuff I've Written - Star Wars Rebels, custom action figures, and more

My round-up for the week includes a Star Wars Rebels op-ed, a podcast appearance, and custom action figures.

The Women of Star Wars Rebels: First Impressions Count - I was frustrated with the way the women in the cast of Star Wars Rebels were introduced for the series and especially with the toys. I explain those feelings in an op-ed for The Mary Sue.

Fully Operational Fandom: Custom Star Wars Action Figures - In my latest for the blog, I talk about the hobby of customizing action figures. There's an awesome Darth Plagueis custom figure you should check out!

Five Ways to Use a Picture Frame in Cosplay - I have a series over at the Adafruit blog about using everyday items in cosplay and as you can tell from the title, this one is all about how to use a picture frame in costuming.

Finally, I stopped by Bad Wolf Radio to discuss all things Doctor Who. We discussed my Doctor, news, and reviewed the Aztecs arc. It was my first time watching classic Who! Listen to the podcast here.

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