March 10, 2014

Thoughts on Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Lost Missions and a podcast

Star Wars: The Clone Wars came to Netflix last Friday. The release included the existing five seasons, and 13 new episodes titled The Lost Missions. I binge-watched them Friday night and was impressed that they solved some of the biggest mysteries in the Star Wars universe and served as a good wrap up for the series I love so much. My thoughts on the episodes as well as a discussion of what we learned are over at Nerdist: Thoughts on STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS – The Lost Missions (SPOILERS)

In more Star Wars-flavored goodness, I joined the latest Full of Sith to discuss women in Star Wars and the recent slight from Hasbro with the Star Wars Rebels toys. Go listen: Full of Sith - Episode LV: Women and Star Wars


  1. I've been resistant to watching the show, as much as my friends have been pushing me for it. I'm not a purist, per se, but I've never been fond of Star Wars animations.

    My question for you -- I assume Netflix has the episodes in season/airing order. I've seen some discussion about adjusting the order in which you watch episodes (having only watched the first couple episodes, I have no idea why this would be done), I was wondering if you had any thoughts/experience on the matter.

    ... Now that it's on Netflix, I suppose there's no more reason for me to avoid watching the whole series.

    1. I believe Netflix has them in airing order. I watched them that way and it was okay, but some things would have made more sense if they were chronological. You can get the Clone Wars episode guide by Jason Fry or just check out this guide from Leeland Chee:

      I hope you enjoy the series!

  2. Interesting that Lucasfilm has gone out of its way to retcon the whole Order 66 issue.

    My understanding from the original Episode III and the related EU materials (particularly Karen Traviss' "Republic Commando" stories) was that the whole idea was that 1) "Order 66" was just one of some hundred-plus standing orders of the GAR (Order 65 - or 67, I don't recall which - was that in case the Chancellor acted against the interest of the Republic the GAR would move against HIM with extreme prejudice) and 2) that was the point; the Jedi couldn't anticipate their own soldiers moving against them because there was no "darkness" there - the troopers weren't acting with malice, or hatred; they were "just following orders".

    And I thought that was just fine. That worked. You got the sense that the Jedi had been led astray into leading an army of slave-soldiers and had ignored the inherent danger in that slaves must obey their master or be destroyed. The soldiers did what soldiers do - they obeyed the orders issued by the civilian government.

    The result was tragedy, but that's what made it so powerful. It WAS a tragedy; two groups of decent, honorable, honest people colliding and destroying each other.

    I'm not sure why someone at Lucasfilm felt the need to throw in this maguffin, unless it is to try and "exonerate" the troopers. They didn't mean it, honestly! It was the Evil Implanted Microchip!

    But...even my own kid "got" that the clone troopers weren't "evil" and the Jedi weren't "good"; that both sides were human and were caught in a tragic net spun by an individual - Palapatine - they didn't see or understand...

    I think what bugs me about this is that is takes the dignity away from the soldiers.

    They are no longer individuals choosing to obey what they see as a lawful order - after Mace Windu and his small group of Jedi take what appears to be an unlawful action against the elected Chancellor.

    They're just robots, responding like robots to the hidden orders of the microchip.

    I miss the Clone Wars series and I want to see these episodes. But I have to say, I don't see this as a good retcon for all the reasons above.

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