April 1, 2014

Build an AT-AT Rocker of Your Very Own

You may have seen this awesome AT-AT rocker by EPBOT making the internet rounds recently:

Yes, it is wonderful and guess what? It's fully operational! Just like the Death Star! It can hold a small child (5-years-old and up). I don't know if it's capable of taking down Rebel ships on Hoth, but hopefully you'll never have to find out.

Jen of EPBOT ended up working with the Florida garrison of the 501st Legion to auction this gorgeous piece of craftsmanship for charity at MegaCon recently, but before she and her husband sent it off, they worked hard to create templates and instructions so you can construct an AT-AT rocker of your own! You can't use them for invasion though; I'm pretty sure that's a stipulation of the purchase contract.

Anyway, if you can use a scroll saw and a power drill, you too can complete this project and become more powerful than ever before! You can buy an instantly downloadable PDF with all the details for $20. Know that a lot of time and care went into making the instructions as thorough as possible.

If you end making one of your own, please send me photos so I can be envious!


  1. Yep. I did it. I bought the pattern. I have no children or nieces or nephews, but one day I will. And when that day comes? I'll be ready to make them the best present ever. :)

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